OT bulb exploration and finding sundews instead

Justin Smith oothal@hotmail.com
Tue, 14 Apr 2009 20:32:23 PDT

> Hello Justin.
> I'm wondering if your yellow sundews may actually be butterworts
> (Pinguicula) or perhaps bladderworts (Utricularia).




I looked back at the pics I took I failed to get a pic of the yellow flower. drats! But I am almost certain that the yellow flowers are indeed from a bladderwort. I am almost certain that the two sundews are Drosera capillaris and Drosera brevifolia. But I have been wrong once or twice before in my life. I can safely say that neither is the butterwort Pinguicula pumila that does occur in this county. I am in Tyler county Texas, seems we have more carnivorous plants than I knew about. 


If you do a google on butterwort the first link is for a site with Texas carnivorous plants. Well if nothing else this site told me where I could finally see the pitcher plants that live in Tyler county. lol I knew they were around but never could find any. 


It was certainly fun and exciting to find them so unexpectedly. After reading on the Texas web site about people going and digging them up. I guess I will have to keep the location a secret. 


Though I did also find some blue eyed grass that is absolutely beautiful. There were hundreds of plants with very tall flower stalks. The one i measured was 64 cm tall. That is a lot taller than the blue eyed grass I see growing in Houston.



Take care all




Woodville TX 8b/9a




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