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Tue, 21 Apr 2009 14:46:49 PDT
Jan I note and appreciate your frustration regarding the Tulipa collection but could I ask you to seriously consider the wisdom of knowingly transferring bulbs infected by virus to other collections, Botanic Gardens or otherwise. Nowadays most Botanic gardens strive to ensure they add to their collections plants of whatever taxa from known wild origin seed provenances, rarely if ever now from horticultural sources due to this very precise issue. By the means of transferring diseased stock it is quite possible that this problem would quickly transfer to healthy plants especially perhaps ex situ conservation populations of rare and endangered taxa.

Our collection here standing at c. 78+% of wild origin material can only continue to be protected by means of growing plants from seed. Very occasionally out of necessity we do take in material other than by seed but it remains at a separate quarantine facility until it flowers and we can remove the seed and work from there.


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