Bountiful Bulbs Need Dividing

Judy Glattstein
Sun, 19 Apr 2009 13:02:56 PDT
Jim McKenney was wondering why gardens were not bursting with bulbs. 
Mine may not be characterized as "bursting" but there are bulbs that 
definitely need dividing and I am - as is typical in Spring - falling 
behind with "to do" list day by day.

So - no question but what I will give priority to overgrown colonies of 

Ignore Corydalis solida seeding into paths and elsewhere. It can just 
take its chances (not that anything will discourage it)

Nectaroscordum - how deep do you think they've pulled themselves? Do I 
stand a chance with a poaching spade after the flowers fade?

What about colchicum? Can I wait until fall, as their flowers fade or 
must it be as the leaves yellow off in June?

Camassia - I know they're deep in the ground by now. Ignore? Try to dig 
as the flowers fade?

Frittilaria imperialis - they've made 4 good size colonies on a terrible 
site of part shade, semi-subsoil clay, on a slope. I'm reluctant to 
touch them since they're so happy. And really have no where else to 
plant any, as every Spring my husband mutters about their awful smell 
(which I like, but then, I like l'eau de Pepe Le Pew)

Suggestions? Advice?

Judy in sunny and warm New Jersey where today's forecast rain has not 
yet arrived

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