Iris magnifica

David Victor
Tue, 07 Apr 2009 00:38:43 PDT
Hi all,

Whilst I hesitate to disagree with a plantsman as able as Iain, I 
feel that I should put up some slightly different experience.  Last 
July I collected a number of Juno's in central Asia, including I. 
orchioides, I. willmottiana and I. kuschakewiczii, as well as a wide 
range of other types of Iris, Tulipa, Eremurus and Allium.  All of 
these were sown in September and put out in covered cold frames for 
the winter.  Whilst we had low temperatures by our standards, they 
did not fall below minus seven Celsius and, these pots were probably 
protected from the worst of that.  In any event, around 95% of the 
species sown, i.e. around 150, have germinated with great success, 
mainly over the past two months.  The only issue now is how to handle 
the thousands of seedlings!

For the record, the sowing was done in a fifty-fifty mix of soil 
based compost with vermiculite, with a covering of course gravel, in 
the kind of pots normally used for pond plants.  The bottom half of 
the pot was filled with a mix of soil based compost and fine gravel.

Best regards,
David Victor,
Bedfordshire, UK 

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