some Veltheimia bracteata

Don Journet
Sun, 19 Apr 2009 01:54:18 PDT
I can confirm that in my experience the colour of the collar or neck of 
the bulb is a very good indication of the likely flower colour provided 
the bulb gets some light. If the neck is underground it can become 
blanched and mostly white. Bright green necks mean a flower with no red 
in it. Tinges of pink or red pigment indicate the flower will be pink or 
rose in colour. That is the experience I have had with dozens of bulbs 
grown from seed.
Hannon wrote:
> Thanks for that insight, Pieter. It seems a number of plants that have
> yellow or white flower morphs also have foliage that lacks characteristic
> red tinge or markings. I've seen some euphorbias like this.
> Someone did mention to me once that white and/or yellow V. capensis has been
> seen. Maybe it was Ernst van Jaarsveld. Any intrepid collector (like Ernst)
> would have gathered it if at all possible, maybe it was an inaccessible
> plant or was lost in cultivation. Something to dream of!
> Dylan
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