Claytonia and Oxalis

Kathleen Sayce
Wed, 08 Apr 2009 18:57:20 PDT
Re: One of my favorite photos (of my own photo collection) is of  
Dennis in Cincinnati

Dennis: That is a lovely Claytonia. Collect some seeds for the seed  
exchange. I'll collect C. siberica seeds for the BX.

Some months ago there was a nice discussion on Oxalis species, which  
prompted me to review the species on the PBS wiki. Later, I  
remembered that a pink-flowered  oxalis appeared from time to time in  
my yard. It's persisted for decades in a lawn area with no fertilizer  
or summer water. This spring I dug up several bits and potted them,  
to see what it looks like with a bit more attention. I'll take photos  
later on when it does flower, which I recall as being early summer  
here in the Pacific NW.

Here's my question for the PBS group: Given that this Oxalis was  
probably planted here more than 50 years ago, what's the likely  
species? It has low, light green foliage, a typical trefoil shape  
with no markings, and a deep pink flower, of a shape I will describe  
from memory as campanulate (rather than flat and open, or tubular).


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