OT bulb exploration and finding sundews instead

Justin Smith oothal@hotmail.com
Tue, 14 Apr 2009 15:14:37 PDT
Hi all or really hi to those reading this:


After talking with Alberto via email yesterday I decided to go look for a patch of Herbertia lahue that I had seen last year. I also went and looked at the patch of Alophia drummondii down the road.


After doing a numbers count on the A. drummondii I went looking for the H. lahue. I know the area where they are but I could not see even one. It is past their bloom time so I will just have to wait until next year.


Anyway I got in my car and drove down the road a little more until I found where water was seeping out of the side of an embankment. I got out and hobbled over to see if I could find anything of interest. Seeing nothing at all I looked down so that I would not step into the water and there I saw the most magnificent sight. I was standing in the middle of a patch of sundews. Hundreds of them. I moved off of them as best I could. A lot of them were in bloom, they had red leaves with little flower stalks and the most unusual little bloom shaped like a cup and redish in color. I knew sundews were in this area and I had seen them before but only as 1 or 2 plants. This was hundreds of them. What a spectacular sight! Each was about 1 inch (2.5cm i think that is) across. I could only take a few pics because of my disability getting low to the ground is most difficult unless I just sit down. But it was a bit wet there. 


Well I could not believe my luck but I was tired so I got back into my car. I drove down a little farther along the road. I saw another seepage. I said what the heck and I got out and hobbled over and was more careful this time. What did I see? Hundreds more sundews! These had Green leaves! and not red! They also were in bloom and had beautiful yellow flowers of the strangest shape. Like a space craft of some kind. lol Since I was hurting badly I took a couple of pics and called it quits. 


I will wait for a day when I feel good and take me something to sit on and try to take pics with my tripod.


Though they are not bulbs I am just so excited to see hundreds of sundews and I had to tell somebody. lol


Take care everyone



Woodville, TX 8b/9a

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