South African gladiolus seedling leaves

Justin Smith
Fri, 03 Apr 2009 09:24:43 PDT

Hi all,


My group of Glad seed were sown 2007. Though a year younger than yours they get very good light during winter. Their growth is certainly not what I would consider fast. I have had only one glad to actualy get to bloom size G. carneus. I had one bloom last year and going to have 2 blooms this year. All of the other glads I have are still quite small, similar in size to what you have. My G. equitans is getting wide leaves but they are really short in comparison to my other glads.






Woodville, TX 8b/9a





> Subject: [pbs] South African gladiolus seedling leaves
> A lot of other species, sown and germinated in 2006, have leaves that 
> are still as thin as hairs, though a few are flat and starting to 
> widen. Some have very long leaves.
> Diane Whitehead

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