fake pictures and growing information - was Glamini glads

J. Agoston agoston.janos123@gmail.com
Tue, 18 Aug 2009 12:00:51 PDT
Dear Jim,

I personally tested Glamini in a mixture, very nice, I think it is garden
worthy, but 6/+ size is small, a few flowered in the first year, but in one
season I got 8-11/+ bulbs whose flowered very vell next year.

But I agree with you that marketing pople, printing agencies and most
wholesalers don't care about telling the truth about colors, plant height
and growing information. Me and my friend were very disappointed about the
colorful catalogues and the plants we have received. "The Smurfs blue"
tulips, roses, berries are non-sence, and people buy them becouse they think
they will look like that, with those vivid colours, and when they don't the
seller tells usually that the growing circumstances were not good enough for
the plant.
We have contacted a professional group because the need of pictures, we were
quite amazed that one picture costs around 250 Euro (!!!), and disappointed
because we saw the same picture for 3 different varieties. It was quite
obvious, they didn't even glinted the picture.
And it is quite strange that a tulip can flower 3-4 months. Yes, from Italy
to Scandinavia tulips can flower from february to may, but here most last
for a week or two.

If we would like to know anything about a plant new to us (for a beginner
everything is new), we have to test it in our garden, of course some
retailers are keen on giving the correct information, most of them are
members of this list too. And of course if you speak english you can also
ask someone on a list (thanx PBS!), but this is quite rare, at least in my

I think it would be easier to tell the retailers and customers if that plant
will survive their climate/garden or not, less disappointment means a better
trust from the customer's part. And I also understand that some people don't
really care about plants, some don't even know thet plants need light to
survive, and you have to water them once in a while...

And I also know that most agents got an interest after the quantities they
sell, so they are really not intersted in telling the truth, just
sell-sell-sell, becouse they need the money to live.

I think they don't write the correct information, because:
1. they don't know anything about the plant, they are just trading with
2. it would cost effort and investigation to get information, and would take
time and money to put it on the capper/etikett.
3. they are afraid that someone would read the information and would not buy
the plant, realizing it would die soon.

An imperfect world we live in...

Z5a, Hungary.

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