Arisaema culture

Byron Amerson
Wed, 26 Aug 2009 22:07:15 PDT
Greetings All,

I'm looking for some planting tips for some corms of Arisaema I recently
received from J.L. Hudson.  The species are: A. propinquum, A.fagesii, and
A. Flavum.

In late spring I received a corm of A. taiwanense from Seneca Hill
Perennials - I potted it up and watered it perhaps once every 10 days and it
popped up within a few weeks and bloomed.  Cool - I figured "how about
another Arisaema?"  So, earlier this summer I potted a corm of A. propiquum
and treated it similar to A. taiwanense and it never did anything.  I dug it
up last week and the only remaining evidence of the corm was a dried, hollow
husk.  It looks like all of the flesh rotted.  Should I have waited until I
saw active growth before watering?

I'm not very familiar with this genus or its horticultural requirements.
Poking through past posts including topic of topic of the week gives lots of
descriptive info on the species, but does not delve into too much detail
regarding culture or special treatment, except to say that they're pretty
easy.  Any tips on the best way to plant and for  corms to prevent rot
before they come into active growth would be much appreciated.

~Byron in San Rafael, CA

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