Another Lycoris question

Adam Fikso
Mon, 17 Aug 2009 07:56:49 PDT
To   follow up on Jim Shields's note. Since colchince is distinctly 
dangerous and there is no antidote (to my knowledge, even though one might 
easily tolerate a low dose because  dosage is everything--( It is used for 
treatrment of gout)--  Oryzalin is a safer chemical for use in inducing 
polyploidy. (articles are available on the  Internet)

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> Anita, Adam, Jim McK., Jim W., and all,
> All this discussion suggests that someone should try producing tetraploid
> longituba, sprengeri, or chinensis --  someone significantly younger than
> Adam and also younger than I am!
> Germinate the seeds in colchicine solution.  Aart van Voorst has done this
> for Clivia and for Haemanthus.  See the archives of the clivia-enthusiast
> list in Yahoo

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