OT-About Embryo Rescue Technique and etc.

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Mon, 10 Aug 2009 12:16:58 PDT
The topice of embryo culture of irises was covered fairly thoroughly in back 
issues of the Aril Society International  Checking their website might 
enable getting a back issue on line,  or simply buying a few relevant  back 
issues could do it.    I am sending a copy of this messasge and your query 
to the guy who has the back issues.  Best of luck.

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>I started thinking the other day after reading the comment someone made
> about the "young whippersnappers".
> My basic degree was in Biology and I am about to sign up for a master
> gardening course.
> I've decided I want to learn MORE about gardening; the plant breeding side
> of it.
> Where do you go to learn the lab techniques used in such cutting edge 
> stuff
> as embryo rescue?
> How much lab equipment does one person need to do this sort of stuff any 
> way?
> Thanks,
> Anita Clyburn
> Terre Haute, Indiana
> Zone 5B and situated on top of some of the purest clay you've ever seen.
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