Moraea huttonii(?)
Sun, 09 Aug 2009 16:58:59 PDT
I garden in Auckland, New Zealand; this is not only my first posting but my first attempt to join one of these mail lists and I still don't understand how one replies to posts but no doubt I will learn.
I want advice about my (probable) moraea huttonii. I found a website which noted that huttonii's foliage remains evergreen 'unless frozen' and here in frost-free Auckland, the leaves are now over six feet long and a dreadful nuisance in the middle of my herbaceous border. Presumably I should have pretended to be Jack Frost in April or May and cut them to the ground, but do I dare do that now? Remember I am in the Southern hemisphere, so April and May were my autumn and we are now in very early spring and the moraea should be blooming in about a month. 
Any advice from anyone who grows this beautiful plant in southern California (very similar to Auckland in climate)would be most appreciated.

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