Lycoris squamigera origins

Jim McKenney
Thu, 06 Aug 2009 10:55:46 PDT
Tony Avent wrote “Either the bulb we grow today as L. straminea or the bulb
that Inariyama 

grew as this species was incorrect, as the plant we grow today is not 

the parent of L. squamigera.”



Take a look at the paper Jim Waddick provided -  at p. 128, right hand
column, last paragraph, just above the image of chromosome smears. 


That paragraph seems to be saying that the plant described in Takemura (in
speculating on the parentage of L. squamigera in 1961) as L. straminea  was
in fact what we now know as  L. longituba ver.  longituba. 


Here’s what the text says “…Lycoris squamigera clustered together with L.
shaanxiensis was considered as an apparent hybrid between L. straminea (now
characterized as L. longituba var. longituba) and L. sprengeri (Takemura,
1961). “ 


Inariyama in 1948 and Takemura in 1961 would not have known about L.
longituba – L. longituba was not described until 1974. 


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