Gladiolus cultivar group help needed

Jim McKenney
Tue, 18 Aug 2009 06:57:31 PDT
Chris Whitehouse wrote “A denomination class is a group of plants within
which the cultivar name cannot be repeated - it is normally the whole genus
but in a few cases such as Gladiolus, it is subdivided so that you can have
the same cultivar name in Gladiolus as long as it belongs to a different
denomination class.”


Thanks, Chris. 


Your comments about denomination classes might have particular relevance to
my query because as I mentioned in an earlier post I have seen the cultivar
name ‘Halley’ in a catalog from the 1920s used for a glad which might or
might not be the same one I am growing. The catalog in question does treat
primulinus hybrids separately, and the cultivar it lists as ‘Halley’ is not
placed among them. 


I hope there are others who can shed more light on this. 



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