Variation in Lycoris squamigera

James Waddick
Wed, 05 Aug 2009 22:01:17 PDT
>Did you mean that L. straminea was a parent of L. squamigera or did you
>mean L. longituba?

Dear Tony,
	The lit says L. straminea. Seems odd, but see Kurita et all 
paper, Synopsis of the Genus Lycoris,  in SIDA 1994.

	But according to Identification and Classification of the 
Genus Lycoris Using. Molecular Markers.

	straminea  is 2N = 19,   sprengeri is 2n =  22,   longituba 
is 2n = 16 and   squamigera is 2n (3n) = 27

	The only way you can get 2/3 n= 27 is to combine  the 2n of 
sprengeri and n or longituba to get 27 chromosomes.

	To me it seems like squamigera looks like a combo of 
longituba and sprengeri, but the experimental crossing of straminea x 
sprengeri produced the look alike. Odd

	If the Roh et all chromosome info is correct, the parentage 
of Squamigera could ONLY be Sprengeri x longituba.
All the karyotype info in Roh is fairly confusing.…

		Best		Jim W.
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