mystery amaryllid

Jim McKenney
Wed, 05 Aug 2009 15:10:21 PDT
This bulb was given to me with the understanding that it was one of the
Ismene group of Hymenocallis. Lou, It has a pseudostem.  


David, Peruvian daffodil is an old vernacular name for Hymenocallis
narcissiflora, which in the old days was often called Ismene calathina. 


The modern commercial sources I’m familiar with offer ‘Advance’ (“pure” H.
narcissiflora?), two xfestalis clones (Zwanenburg and one unnamed) and the
hybrid ‘Sulfur Queen’. 


The foliage of my mystery plant is distinct from all of ones mentioned


This plant has not bloomed here yet so I cannot show you pictures of the
flowers. You can view the foliage here:…



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