Another Lycoris question

James Waddick
Sat, 15 Aug 2009 10:12:05 PDT
>Somewhere in the Lycoris literature, someone mentioned that cutting the L.
>squam. bloom stalks and hanging them up (rarely) induced seed formation.
>How long after the flower petals fade away is this done?

Dear Anita and all,
	Do not expect seed on L. squamigera. (PERIOD and in CAPS!)

	If you have time and plants there may be some improved 
chances to get seed if you back cross L. squamigera to either of its 
parents- L. longituba or L. sprengeri. I'd give a little more hope 
for L. sprengeri. Dreaming it might be possible for the spare set of 
L. sprengeri chromosomes to hook up with each another and produce an 
amphidiploid embryo with 2N from longituba AND 2 N from sprengeri 
giving a count of  2 x 2N = 38 and might even (continuing to dream) 
be fertile.

	Good luck and be patient and persevere.

		Jim W.
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