garlicky leek seed?
Sat, 01 Aug 2009 08:55:37 PDT
I ordered and grew several types of garlic this year.  Much to my  
surprise, most of them put out beautiful seed pods and after I pulled the garlic  
out of the ground I laid them to dry with the seed bulbs suspended over   
containers so I could gather any that fell.
I now have lots of wonderful plump seeds that I'd like to plant and see  
what happens.  I have kept the seeds for each variety separate and labeled.  
Each variety of seeds looks different.  The varieties I grew that produced  
seeds are:
Kilarney Red - 
Persian Star- 
Nootka Rose
Romanian Red
Inchelian Red, not all of this variety produced seed heads, just a  couple
My husband does keep 10 beehives in the garden so everything gets  
pollinated..  All of this garlic was planted about 1 foot apart in a square  with 
each variety in a separate row.  Has anyone planted garlic from seed  before?  
Carolyn Craft in Los Gatos CA, zone 9
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