What makes Amaryllis hybrids bloom?

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Mikchael?  A nice piece of research witih available materials..

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> Folks,
> One year really stood out: fall of 2006.  Check the archives for 
> yourself --
> you'll see a lot of comments about the abundance of Amaryllis blooms that
> year.  You'll also see a lot of comments that there was no significant
> rainfall that summer.  "Warm, sunny, and dry" was a typical summary.
> Here's a typical post, from Mary Sue:
> http://pacificbulbsociety.org/pbslist/old.php/…
> The comments about summer rain were interesting, because some very
> experienced growers say that a good summer drenching is the thing that
> But something else also stood out.  Winter of 2005-6 was a heavy rain 
> year,
> with totals in many places about 150% of normal.  The preceding winter,
> 2004-5, was also pretty good.
> This isn't much evidence to go on, but my preliminary guess is that
> Amaryllis blooms in California are triggered by high rainfall in the
> previous one (or two) winters.
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