Gladiolus cultivar group help needed

Jim McKenney
Wed, 19 Aug 2009 07:01:42 PDT
Chris Whitehouse wrote: “There is an American Gladiolus Society publication
from the 1930s, which lists a 'Halley' as being a Grandiflorus type having
salmon-pink flowers with "carmine on napthalene markings" (not sure I know
what colour naphthalene is).  However, there is clearly another 'Halley'
registered in 1986 with the KAVB by J. van Winsen, a nanus type with the
description in the register is as follows "Flowers primrose-yellow 4D, on
inner petals naples-yellow blotch 18D with carmine-rose vein and
cardinal-red 53C blotches in throat."  Presumably, that is the one you have



Thanks, again, Chris.


Now we’re getting somewhere. The plant I have is, as you suspected, the one
registered as a nanus type by van Winsen. 


I think it was a mistake to register this as a nanus type, but I’ll let
someone else take up that issue. Here in the garden it grows beside the old
nanus cultivar ‘Elvira’,  and other than both being Gladiolus, they don’t
have much in common. 


I wonder if it was registered as a nanus type to get around the inconvenient
fact that a large flowered type (which almost certainly does not still
exist) had already been registered as ‘Halley’? 


Van Winsen’s ‘Halley’ is a very lovely plant, graceful and of very subtle
coloration. The buds are particularly nice because of their soft
butter-yellow color. 


One comical aside: deer visited the garden last night and cropped several of
the glads, including some ‘Halley’. I’m happy to have gotten my photos when
I did. 



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