Paul T.
Tue, 18 Aug 2009 04:54:23 PDT
At 09:27 PM 18/08/2009, you wrote:

>Hi, A friend in Portugal sent me this beauty, from the woods near Lissabon
>, does anyone know what it is? (more or less!) He wrote thus:
>"Strange thing is that is has no leaves. Just sprouts from the
>  soil, about 50-60 cms tall."
>I have no idea myself, perhaps in the Asphodelaceae family?


I don't know whether they're native to there or not, but my immediate 
thought was Urginea maritima?  Darker stem than those I am used to, 
but the rest of the bud arrangement looks about right.  Emerging 
without leaves also fits, and late summer/early autumn.  Would that fit?


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