Invasive species

Leo A. Martin
Mon, 03 Aug 2009 14:30:02 PDT
Of course invasive depends on the climate and surroundings. Most of those
plants won't even grow here in Phoenix, Arizona. The only plants on the
list that can be and are invasive in the lower desert here are Arundo and
tamarisk, and both grow only in wet areas. The mesquite listed, Prosopis
glandulosa, is native. I don't have any of the ones on the list but I'd
love to be able to grow any of the fragrant gingers, and Cinchona for
professional interest.

Here we worry about buffelgrass, Pennisetum ciliare. It invades our desert
and is highly flammable, burning very hot. The Sonoran Desert is not
adapted to fire, and after this grass invades and burns, the desert is
left barren. It was brought here to provide food for cattle. Organized
groups of people are removing as much as possible from the Phoenix
mountain parks.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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