Amaryllis belladonna

Adam Fikso
Thu, 13 Aug 2009 09:27:21 PDT
In many bulbous  anrd rhizomatous plants the vestigial lower buds are formed 
the year before, irises, S I woluld not be sujrprised of the same held true 
for Amaryllids, If course, local coditions the next year could affect the 
size and appearance of those buds,  Too dry and they might not show up at 
all,. extra water could deliver a profusion.

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I think I've read that as with Nerine, the flower buds of Amaryllis
belladonna are formed long before the plants actually bloom - long as in a
year before (perhaps someone can confirm this?).

That would account for newly moved plants blooming, and it would also
account for the two times this plant has bloomed for me - both times from
newly purchased bulbs, both times very late in the season (November).

And perhaps the well established plant in my protected cold frame (which has
yet to bloom here) needs to have a bon fire built over it!

And yet, didn't Judy report success with this plant in New Jersey?

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