OT-About Embryo Rescue Technique and etc.

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Hi Anita:

They teach those techniques at Universities that offer a Plant Breeding
program - typically the state agricultural universities. The 'really
neat' classes are typically taught in the 3rd and 4th years for an
undergraduate bachelor's program or in the graduate classes.

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I started thinking the other day after reading the comment someone made 
about the "young whippersnappers".
My basic degree was in Biology and I am about to sign up for a master 
gardening course.
I've decided I want to learn MORE about gardening; the plant breeding
of it.
Where do you go to learn the lab techniques used in such cutting edge
as embryo rescue?
How much lab equipment does one person need to do this sort of stuff any

Anita Clyburn
Terre Haute, Indiana
Zone 5B and situated on top of some of the purest clay you've ever seen.


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