Sat, 15 Aug 2009 12:13:17 PDT
Dear Dr. Waddick,

Thank you for the information you've provided us.
However I have a few followup questions:

Has anyone ever crossed L. squamigera's original parents in hopes of  
producing a fertile 2N L. squamigera look-alike?
(I understand L. squamigera is 3N and thus infertile.)
Can colchicine be used on Lycoris species to induce polyploidy?
(I know this is the chemical that's used to induce polyploidy in  
daylilies but haven't heard of it being used on Lycoris.)

Are there any books you could recommend on Plant Genetics that might  
help bring me up to speed?
(I could see my knowledge of Genetics is shamefully out of date when I  
had to look up the definition of "amphidiploid".)


Anita Clyburn
10530 E US HWY 40
Terre Haute, IN 47803

Zone 5B  and pure clay soil.


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