What makes Amaryllis hybrids bloom?

Ken kjblack@pacbell.net
Tue, 25 Aug 2009 12:55:36 PDT
my observations on this topic ..
Here in extreme SoCal (San Diego) ... my Amaryllis belladonna bloom seems to be much later, and more sparse than in previous years.  One difference (and this may add to other's previously suggested explanations) is that I did not provide supplemental irrigation at all this year, after our meager rains stopped delivering any measurable H2O in early March.  (We are facing water rationing this year.) The foliage of most quickly dried up and was pretty much gone by mid-April.  In previous, recent years, I have provided enough irrigation to keep foliage generally green til June, and had significantly better floral displays. 
My  exceptions are the bulbs of a Boophane X Amaryllis cross, to which I did provide additional H2O til June.  While their blooms seem about two weeks later than last ... they have so far shown 1 additional scape amongst the 5 bulbs over last year, with generally increased number of florets on each scape.
San Diego

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