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Nhu Nguyen
Thu, 31 Dec 2009 10:22:05 PST
Greetings, bulbophiles...or geophytophiles,

It is Dec. 31 and I thought I would end the year by sending out the list of
things that were added to the wiki over the past 6 months or so. Addition of
new photos and entries have been slow. As you may know, this past year we
have seen quite a few changes in the wiki and more recently the
synchronization of the PBS pages with the wiki. The wiki got a new face, a
new way of viewing photos, and a lot of very useful information on
cultivation. This information is still being organized into the appropriate
pages and will continue well into the next year.

Once again if you have any photos that you wish to be posted to the wiki,
just send them to me.

Cheers to another New Year of successful bulb growing!
New species to the wiki*
*Allium cristophii*…
Bulbinella floribunda*…
Micranthus tubulosus*…
Monocostus uniflorus*…
Rhadamanthus platyphyllus*…

New photos to the wiki*
*Bloomeria crocea*…

*Brunsvigia marginata*…

*Costus lasius*…
Haemanthus pauculifolius **seed*…
Lilium parryi*…
Nivenia stokoei*…
Sprekelia formosissima*…
Strumaria tenella spp. tenella*…
Triteleia laxa*…

Berkeley, CA

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