Cold winter miscellany

J.E. Shields
Wed, 09 Dec 2009 09:24:19 PST
We are going to get some of that weather that his the West Coast.  Right 
now it is snowing.  Yesterday we go 0.9 inch of rain, last night the 
temperature hit a high of 47F, and since then the temperatures have been 
dropping steadily.  Right no it is snowing moderately.  Tomorrow morning, 
the low may drop to 11°F (ca. -11 C) and the high tomorrow is expected to 
be only 18°F (ca. -8 C).  After that, things should revert to more or less 
seasonal conditions.

Anything not underground in inside by tonight is not going to be in good 
shape this time tomorrow.

In around the mid- or late 1980s, we had a severe winter storm.  The power 
went out, the outdoor temperature dropped to -25°F (ca. -31 C).  Without 
power, the greenhouse temperature dropped to 15°F (ca. -9 C) for many 
hours. I lost 100% of my collection of Doran's Hippeastrum species.  I 
stopped growing bulbs for years after that; but eventually come back to it, 
even to growing Hippeastrum species again.

Interestingly, some orchids survived that freeze inside the greenhouse, as 
did the Epiphyllum hybrids.  Only Hippeastrum aulicum stenopetalum 
survived, because it was in bloom and hence inside our home, which stayed 
above freezing.

Jim Shields
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