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Gesneriads have been a real focus of ours as well.  Sinningia leucotricha
has been hardy for 5+ years for us as well with a low of 9 degrees F and no
mulch.  This is just one of many sinningia species that have proven winter
hardy in a similar period.  Another gesneriad that has been a real surprise
is Hemiboea subcapitata, which turned out to be hardy in Zone 6.  We are
working with two other species now to see their potential.  I hope more
folks will trial some of the great gesneriads outdoors.

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>Winter hardy gesneriads (other than Ramonda and kin) >seem to be just out 
>reach right now, but many are hardier than expected. Sinningia leucotricha
>has survived here outside all year for years near a house >wall. Maybe
>raising them en masse will provide a few plants with >enhanced hardiness.

Although off-topic really, what is it that kills the 'hardy' gesneriads in 
your area, Jim?

John Grimshaw

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