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Alberto Castillo
Mon, 28 Dec 2009 13:24:18 PST

 Dear Dell: 


               Hope you are well. Time ago you sent seed of three items to sow here. I suppose they were from Dawie's List. Things are slow but I have counted one of them, Sparaxs bulbifera, there are 87 corms of variable sizes. If there were originally 100 seeds, this number is very good. I still have to count the others, two Lachenalias. I am curious to know how many there are. 


               The Albuca exuviata has given a nice number of small bulbs. Besides I have several nice bulbs of the sought after Albuca spiralis to send you. Any instructions? Jim Waddick has offered to receivematerial for you. So had Lee but not clear how. Incidentally, I met Lee here some ten days ago. Do you know him? What do you think of him? 


                I just wrote Paige asking him to donate all the surplus Cardiocrinum seed for the BX. 


                Dawie has added several real rarities to his catalogue. The most interesting is Moraea elegans, a very rare species that has not been offered for a long time. You know, in South Africa lots of bulbs grow in sandy soils that are useless for agriculture. On the contrary, shale derived clay soils are used for growing crops and species growing naturally in them are extremely endangered- Therefore any chance for growing these species is very important. Last year the gorgeous Babiana blanda (large baby pink flowers) became suddenly extinct when the land's owner ploughed the whole population over for crops. There was this controversy at the time about why such a rare species did not receive proper attention and collected seed widely distributed. If possible, do not miss this chance and purchase M. elegans for the Bx. It will be perfectly established in Southern California, Texas, etc. 


                Time ago I asked how many seeds you put in each packet. The reason was that to help you, I can send you the packets ready for distribution instad of a single packet of each species. Right now I have collected Galdiolus illyricus, G. italicus and G. communis to send you along with Cypella pabstiana. We can try this for this batch if this is of help to you. 



Well, many thanks for all the help and I trust the coming year will be a great one for you with more help for the BXs..





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