Arum pictum, was Tropaelum azureum etc.

Pacific Rim
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 12:56:29 PST
Jane wrote:

> Arum pictum (not to be confused with Arum
italicum 'Pictum') turns out to be hardier than
the books say. Some small ones in a well-drained
spot in my garden survived well last winter,
including 17 degrees F and a couple of weeks under heavy snow while in 

Here in Zone 6 -- colder, wetter and possibly snowier than where Jane is --  
Arum pictum has thrived outdoors for years, with no overhead protection. A 
nice colony has formed in our garden; other plants are in pots mulched only 
to the rim. Leaf litter descends on both areas haphazardly in autumn; this 
is a kind of mulch, of course, but some plants receive no litter and 

I surmise that, as with so many other plants, setting the tubers deeply in a 
porous medium makes them more tolerant of wet and cold. I don't know for 
sure that they ever freeze, but I suspect that some do, at least 

Paige Woodward

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