weather and blooming now

Robin Hansen
Mon, 07 Dec 2009 20:59:30 PST

  While the rain is welcome in drought-plagued Southern California ... we would rather it spread itself over a few days than coming down all a once.

  Well, yes, Jane and I would probably prefer something similar -- that the cold spread itself out by freezing every night, just not down the scale all the way in one or two nights...

  At 5:30 tonight, it was 23.  I will leave the watering dripping from the kitchen faucet tonight, and finish watching the first Harry Potter movie to take my mind of the potential devastation.  

  And most certainly, I will not drive 2 hours to Eugene tomorrow night for the NARGS Emerald Chapter holiday potluck, as the cold is not due to break yet.  Having lived in Boardman where the first winter we were there it was 17 below with 3 feet of snow from Halloween to spring break, I think it's too cold to wander too far from home - given that most of the trip is nowhere near civilization.

  All your words of encouragement I will take to heart, as I hope Jane will.

  Robin Hansen
  Zone 9 is now Zone 5

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