Will the real Cinnamon please stand up... (off-topic)

P. C. Andrews pcamusa@hotmail.com
Tue, 01 Dec 2009 19:25:46 PST
Hmmmmm.  From Wikipedia:
"Due to the presence of a moderately toxic component called coumarin, European health agencies have recently warned against consuming large amounts of cassia.[18] This is contained in much lower dosages in Cinnamomum burmannii
due to its low essential oil content. Coumarin is known to cause liver
and kidney damage in high concentrations. True Ceylon cinnamon has
negligible amounts of coumarin."
Ah well, moderation may be a virtue after all (at least for certain types of cinnamon).

It also appears that the response may depend on the fungal species targeted and on the spice used: http://pages.unibas.ch/mdpi/ecsoc-3/….  Cumin and nutmeg appear to be better for certain fungal species.


> Is it possible that domestic cinnamon's fungicidal/pesticidal effect could be due to poisons such as coumarin?  In that case, true cinnamon, which is made from the inner bark of C. verum rather then the entire bark of C. aromaticum might be ineffective.
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