pbs Digest, Vol 83, Issue 37 re lachenalia germination

cgeat25049@aol.com cgeat25049@aol.com
Thu, 31 Dec 2009 13:46:32 PST
Hello all
 I thank all of you for providing the information I was looking for. I  
think my only problem is getting the cool fluctuating temperatures. Cool 
weather  is very limited here.
  Leo ,you mentioned the hot and humid summers with rain. Actually  when I 
first moved here four years ago, there was a drought going on and you  could 
go without rain for weeks or even over a month . Some folks on  well water 
actually had no water at all.
 The last year or so, it's been more normal and I have resorted to  poly 
over a shade cloth. ( I grow everything in pots so I can rescue the  valuable 
and rare from hurricanes.). Some cactus seem to withstand the heat and  
rain, but the ones that turn out to be vulnerable are an unhappy surprise so I  
keep all succulents sheltered from the  rain. Again thank all of you for  
the ongoing information.
 Cherry G.
Cape Coral Fl

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