Labels for Seed Pots

Adam Fikso
Tue, 15 Dec 2009 16:37:09 PST
RE: Labels.--- I often use a 320 grit ( from any hdwe store) to reuse labels 
by sanding off the previous legend.
However--I take more time and use 4 or 6" aluminum  rolls of "flashing"cut 
into 1" strips,. drilled with a hole (drilling 30 at a time--held in a 
vise. )  If marked in indelible laundry marker (Sanford brand only) or with 
pencil--   or in addtion to the Sanford and hung on 11 gauge iron wire (bent 
to suit with a curled 1" circle  on one end--  needs strong wrists)  there 
will be an electrostatic chemical reaction outdoors with rainwater and the 
resulting legend and name  will be permanent until sanded off..
Cost:  less than 1 cent each plus sweat equity.  Other advantage: they blow 
in the wind and keep some animals and all smal birds away from the plants.

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> Roger:  Have you considered/tried a square of fine sandpaper to abrade the 
> matte surface you want onto the labels?  I hope this is not too low-tech 
> or trivial, but this approach, which would take a few additional seconds 
> of hand labor per label, would then allow you to find the best 
> UV-resistant plastic and to use a pencil for lettering the information 
> you'll want to know a few years from now.
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