holiday Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

Dennis Kramb
Fri, 04 Dec 2009 19:46:33 PST
Linda Foulis wrote:
> Hello Dennis,
> What mini ones were you able to locate?  I would love to find some of those locally.
> Linda in Alberta, Canada
> We've got a blizzard rolling in, excellent!

Ummm.... let's see, I bought a variety called "Roseum" which says the 
bulbs are only 1 inch across.

And then I bought another variety called "Santa Rosa" which I'm not sure 
is miniature, but the flower petals are considerably smaller than the 
other varieties.

The Roseum bulbs were so cheap I bought half a dozen, and intend to put 
them all in the same pot.

Dennis in Cincinnati, where half of his new Amaryllis collection has 
already arrived & been planted.

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