Labels for seed pots
Thu, 17 Dec 2009 05:37:23 PST
Here in UK I use plastic labels which are painted black on both sides. You  
scratch through the paint to show the white plastic. I have been using them 
for  well over ten years and they are still legible, and because they are 
black they  do not get pulled out by birds and they do not look like rows of 
tomb stones in  the garden. The plastic bends if you tread on it and I have 
accidentally  composted some for three or more years and they were still OK.
The scratching is too laborious for a commercial grower, but something for  
a long winter's night in front of the fire for me.
Have a look at _www… 
Kent UK
where we have had -6C frost yesterday and are expecting  heavy snow tonight

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