Cold winter miscellany

Cynthia Mueller
Mon, 07 Dec 2009 11:06:04 PST
Hello, Jane....I'm sorry to hear that you were struck such a blow by the unseasonable weather.  Personally, I'm still trying to be philosophical about these things when they happen to me in Texas, but you have so much invested in your plants both in terms of carefully built collections and personal connections that it must be extra hard for you to see them go.  Hopefully many will come back to life next spring....Cynthia Mueller

>>> Jane McGary <> 12/7/2009 12:11 PM >>>
Robin Hansen on the Oregon coast wrote,
>On the other hand, I may lose some plants, as I did not prepare for 
20 degrees last night, although the temps have been in the mid-20s 
for several nights.  I don't have a thermometer in the poly house so 
I don't >know what it went down to, but anything that was dark and 
drooping, such as C. graecum perked back up by midday.

I didn't take the weather prediction seriously enough either, and I 
expect I will lose hundreds of the plants that I potted up to move to 
the new garden next summer. Some of them I will never be able to get 
again. The bulb frames are closed but not blanketed, so probably 
about 10 to 20 percent of the plants in there will die. The east wind 
is howling, and it is adding so badly to the burden of all the 
obligations I have this month that I wish I could just freeze and die 
like the plants.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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