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Sun, 27 Dec 2009 14:00:40 PST
Jim Waddick mentioned the tiny sinningias as good terrarium candidates. 
I've had both the white and purple forms of S. pusilla growing in a little 
glass dome for over 20 years now, and they are remarkably tough.  The 
planting medium consists of granite grit and potting mix (probably Fafard 
52, but I can't be sure), roughly 1"deep.  I try to water it before it gets 
completely dry, but if I forget all that happens is that the plants go 
dormant and wait for better times. A few times a year, at best, I give a 
liquid feed with Miracle-Gro or similar.  Once every few years I remove 
everything - usually after I've managed to send them all into dormancy - and 
replace the mix. The plants do self-sow periodically, though not to excess. 
The dome sits in a south-facing window, so internal temperatures must get up 
over 100F in summer, and there is effectively no ventilation save for the 
rare times when I remove the dome to water or clean the algae off the inside 
of the dome. All in all, they are amazingly forgiving little plants.


Ellen Hornig
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> Dear Dennis,
> I think this sounds like a perfect set for a ground cover of
> micro and mini sinningias. These are tiny bulbous relatives of
> Gloxinias and come in a variety of sizes and colors of flowers. The
> smallest are very small. Once established they can self sow. Try
> http://littlecountryvillage.com/Cottage-Gardening/…

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