Candy Lilies
Sun, 20 Dec 2009 04:06:09 PST
Some five years ago, my Hubby helped me dig and then plant a small  
flowerbed. The first plants I planted in it were Candy Lilies which I  
bought from Parks and a few of these are still alive though most  
lasted only about four years.

Candy Lilies seem to love Indiana's hot, dry summers and Indiana's  
heavy clay soil. (I'm in zone 5B here in Terre Haute.)
Mine have done well for me with very little care. They bloomed  
dependably every late summer while they lived and then set seed in  
fairsized amounts. Some of these seed even managed to produce a few  
volunteer seedlings which are beginning to bloom for me.
The only thing about them that disappointed me was that Park only sent  
me reds and one orange and one yellow.

Seems to me that I remember reading in the lazy S'S Nursery website  
that they were breeding Candy Lilies and they had a few pictures up.  
If I remember correctly, he had a very pretty purple one that I'm  
thinking about buying this spring.

Anita Clyburn
Terre Haute, Indiana
(812) 877-4122
Zone 5B and heavy clay.


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