Labels for seed pots

Jane McGary
Wed, 16 Dec 2009 10:40:06 PST
Robin wrote,
I buy 5" labels from OBC Northwest in Canby, Oregon.  You can also get
>shorter labels.  They ship just about anywhere.  I'm assuming those labels
>are Macore.  I've used pencil for 20+ years on these labels.  As far as I
>can tell, they have always used the same supplier and the quality has
>improved, specifically, the uv resistance.  I find labels written in
>pencil from ten years ago that are still quite legible.  Macore is in
>Lafayette, Oregon, if I remember correctly, and I would suggest contacting
>them directly.

I use these labels too, because they're readily available here, but 
they become brittle after about 3 years exposed to sunlight.

I usually bury the pencil-written plastic label in the pot and use an 
embossed aluminum Dymo label for above-ground use. The Dymo metal 
labels are expensive and tedious to make, but they will outlast any plant.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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