Labels for Seed Pots

Kenneth Hixson
Tue, 15 Dec 2009 18:12:36 PST
Adam Fikso wrote:
> However--I take more time and use 4 or 6" aluminum  rolls of "flashing"cut 
> into 1" strips,. drilled with a hole (drilling 30 at a time--held in a 
> vise. )  If marked in indelible laundry marker 

	Another alternative is a "Vibra-engraver" to make a permanent
name.  Inserting the aluminum label into the soil here results in
corrosion to the label after a year or so, and adding aluminum salts
to the soil isn't a desirable result, so putting the label on
a wire "stand" is helpful.
	Label tapes do last a long time, though they often fade--red
seems to be especially bad.  The lettering is still there, but you
have to look closely--which isn't always a bad thing.


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