CLIVIA in bloom in Europe.

Dave Poole
Mon, 07 Dec 2009 12:11:52 PST
I live in the south-west of England and due to a fairly unusual micro-climate, can grow Clivia without any protection during most years.  Winter-wise, it equates to USDA 9b or even higher, although our cool, oceanic summers are far below that.  I also keep a few treasured Clivias indoors, but these are own-raised hybrids that I want be sure of keeping.  Outside, Clivia miniata flowers in June here, but indoors they flower from mid-February onwards.  

We had the worst winter for 25 years here last year and temperatures fell to -5C for short periods.  Clivias that were fully exposed lost most of their leaves, but those under evergreen cover remained untouched.  All have survived although the most severely damaged plants may need a mild winter to recover their former vigour.  
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