all alliums edible? was Will the real Cinnamon please stand up... (off-topic)

Diane Whitehead
Wed, 02 Dec 2009 17:06:22 PST

You've made it sound as though alliums are not all edible.  Do you  
know of any that should NOT be eaten?

Diane Whitehead
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On 2-Dec-09, at 4:48 PM, Mark McDonough wrote:

>   There is an enormous amount of chemical research done on onions,  
> garlic and other allium species, because they are incredibly rich in  
> complex compounds and substances with a wide range of applications.   
> Here again, it is important to be clear about what Allium species,  
> or even what edible Onion cultivar one is interested in, to be sure  
> about what properties are ascribed to that specific botanical entity.

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