Dpescadera@aol.com Dpescadera@aol.com
Mon, 28 Dec 2009 12:26:06 PST
Dear Shirley,
I am still laughing at all your chocolate comments. So funny!!! Thank  you 
so much for all your dear and wonderful gifts. I am happy you are back in  
email contact, too, though are sorry about the molars. What a nuissance!
When you feel up to soup or whatever, let me know and let's get together  
for lunch. No one got back to me about an organic, peat-free, perlite-free 
mix  for the begonias. I think the thread moved on or no one had anything to  
Best, Diana
In a message dated 12/28/2009 12:01:23 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,  
meneice@att.net writes:

Have you  gotten any answers besides this one, which really isn't an answer
at  all.

I, in fact all of us, loved the Christmasy glasses.  We've  been using them
every day.  I can hardly wait for my bridge playing  fiends (I meant 
but the other is applicable, too) to see the  napkins and hand towel.
They'll really enjoy them as much as I do.   You will get a proper note 
a few days.  Right now I'm so pleased  to have my computer back after five
down days that I'm playing email  catch-up.  Seems that someone climbed a
phone pole over on Riata and  disconnected my dial tone and internet
connection, probably while fixing  someone elses.  Helmut guessed my problem
was with AT&T.   They were not overly prompt at sending someone to fix it.
Helmut spoils  me!

I have two molars pulled tomorrow, so will be somewhat out of touch  for a
couple of days, I suspect.  Mark is still here, so he will  become my errand
boy and caterer.

Love to all your  household,

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