Treasurer's comments
Tue, 29 Dec 2009 08:08:56 PST
Dear PBS'ers

I first want to wish all a Happy Holiday season.  

A couple of comments about the inner workings of the Pacific Bulb Society.

I enjoy the notes and cards that I receive along with some of the payments.  I have always like receiving mail so this works out perfectly for me.

I makes things easier if you include the BX number along with the payment or just write it on the memo section of the check.

We cannot accept money orders due to the policy of Fidelity, who handles our account.

Annual membership dues are due at the end of the year.  We give a grace period but if the dues remain unpaid you will not be able t o participate in the BX or receive out newsletter, "The Bulb Garden".

My old email account will be turned off in the coming weeks, so any PayPal payments should goto the new one.

Thanks for supporting the Pacific Bulb Society.

Arnold Trachtenberg
140 Lakeview Avenue
Leonia, New Jersey 07605
Treasurer, PBS

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