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Sun, 27 Dec 2009 12:04:41 PST
>So I have a 65g hex aquarium & stand that I want to set up as a
>terrarium.  I've never made one before, and I figure that I've got two

Dear Dennis,
	I think this sounds like a perfect set for a ground cover of 
micro and mini sinningias. These are tiny bulbous relatives of 
Gloxinias and come in a variety of sizes and colors of flowers. The 
smallest are very small. Once established they can self sow.	Try 

	And there's a steady range of even larger, but still small 
bulbous gesneriads to boot.

	In simlar conditions you should really try the tiny Begonia 
http://kartuz.com/pc/20501/…. Not 
really tuberous, but among the smallest of Begonias and there's a 
number of slightly larger, but again still tiny, Begonias.

	A plant I wouldn't be without although a big vigorous is the 
mini-fig Ficus pumila 'minima' variegata. Small leaves and trailing. 
It can cover the sides of a terrarium rather quickly, but exceedingly 

	I've tried a couple orchids in a terrarium too, but they 
really prefer more air flow than a close system provides. The 'Jewel 
orchids'  such as Ludisia discolor has beautiful foliage. And there's 

	And the tropical Selaginellas, mosses and Lycopodiums are 
great too.  Smaller ferns like the 'blue' Microsorum thailandicum are 
amazing looking

	A closed system humid terrarium still needs a fair amount of light.

	Cacti in a dry terrarium are essentially a short term effort 
in my experience, but a closed humid terrarium can go for a long time 
before it needs major work.

	I have been seeing some amazing photos recently of riparia - 
a low water based system (with a pump for flow) using small tropical 
aroids for foliage and color. Some of these might mix with more 
typical terrarium plants.

	I am sure I missed something obvious, but that's a start.

	Does any of this inspire?		I'm revved.		Jim W.
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