Marco's message and Google's Detect Language

Hafsteinn Hafliðason
Thu, 31 Dec 2009 17:36:47 PST

Try this in Google Translate and enjoy: Þetta tungumál er fyrsta vestur 
evrópska tungumálið sem staðfest er að heyrðist í Norður-Ameríku. Það var 
fyrir þúsund árum. Rústir af húsum þessa fólks hafa fundist á Nýfundnalandi. 
Þetta tungumál er nú aðeins talað af þrjú hundruð þúsund manna sem lifir á 
vestustu eyju Evrópu.

Hint: Papaver nudicaule, in spike of the common name, has nothing to do with 
this island. The plant is a siberian native, although it is grown in gardens 
everywhere on the island!

Thank you for all the interesting information I have got on bulbs and 
bulbgrowing all over. I am a devoted "bulbophile" myself, but the climate 
around me is quite restricting, so I stick to tulips, daffodills and such, 
as I have no frostfree greenhouse. But some have anyhow found their way to 
my windowsill!

I wish all of you a very merry and prosperious New Year.

Hafsteinn Hafl.

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I have discovered something new in Google Translate:   Detect Language.

I wasn't sure which language Marco's out-of-office message was written
in, as Spanish to English didn't work at all, but Detect Language knew
it was Italian, and translated it.

Very useful.  I wonder how it will manage with rarer languages?

Diane Whitehead

On 31-Dec-09, at 1:06 PM, Marco Liboni wrote:

> Sarò assente dall'ufficio a partire dal  31/12/2009 e non tornerò
> fino al
> 11/01/2010.

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