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We found another hemiboea at pretty high elevation in Taiwan last summer,
where the summer temperatures seem more like the UK, so I'd be interested to
hear how this genus fares for you.  Conversely, the titanotrichiums that we
found in Taiwan were from warmer areas and they may need the summer heat to
pick up winter hardiness.  As for Sinningia leucotricha, we just potted 100
seedlings and will run some hardiness trials, to select a good outdoor
clone.  The clone we currently grow in the ground doesn't have the most
silver leaves, so we'll be selecting for that trait combined with winter

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The hardiness of Sinningia leucotricha in the Atlantic States is 
remarkable - everything about it appears to scream 'not hardy'. I shall have

to consider whether or not to risk one of my old tubers here...

I greatly admired Tony's Hemiboea when at Plant Delights Nursery last year, 
as well as several other Sinningia spp & cronies e.g. Titanotrichum. They 
all clearly need experimenting with over here, but my suspicion is that many

will find our summers too cool for their liking.

John Grimshaw

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> John:
> Gesneriads have been a real focus of ours as well.  Sinningia leucotricha
> has been hardy for 5+ years for us as well with a low of 9 degrees F and 
> no
> mulch.  This is just one of many sinningia species that have proven winter
> hardy in a similar period.  Another gesneriad that has been a real 
> surprise
> is Hemiboea subcapitata, which turned out to be hardy in Zone 6.  We are
> working with two other species now to see their potential.  I hope more
> folks will trial some of the great gesneriads outdoors.

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